Welcome to Danforth School Council

Visit us at DanforthSchoolCouncil.com for up to date information.

Our objective to to be an important part of the school’s priority’s and  activities.

The School Council is comprised of  Parents, Guardians, Community Members, Students, Teachers, and Administration from the Danforth CTI community.

We meet regularly to review what’s happenning at the school and to help plan what will happen.

Meetings include discussion of items important to the school, the students, and the community.

Our meetings are held regularly on Wednesdays.  Visit DanforthSchoolCouncil.com for more information.

Please JOIN US at our meetings.

Come to listen and see whats happenning.  Or come regularly.  Be as involved as you choose.

Feel free to contact us with your comments and concerns.  Our email address is DanforthSchoolCouncil  [at] gmail.com or leave your comment below.

Please JOIN our Mailing List to receive information from the Danforth School Council about meetings, events, and items of importance to the Danforth community.

 VISIT Us at DanforthSchoolCouncil.com

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